The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross is an ancient brotherhood and sisterhood of hermetic wisdom, alchemical, mystical, theosophical and spiritual knowledge.

The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross affirms the concept of true brotherhood among its members.

The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross is bound together by love  love of spirit and truth, and love one for another. It is a benevolent order that aids its members, who receive instruction, training and help on a more personal level than is common with most groups.

The Brothers and Sisters of the Rose Croix work in harmony for each others' happiness and those who attain to success in life first, in turn, help the others.

"May you be blessed with happiness and luck, so that you will be able to nourish many, because of your riches and great wealth."

The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross continues the teachings and traditions of the original Rosicrucian Brotherhood. It is a fraternity of the ancient mysteries, a hermetical brotherhood of wisdom and knowledge. 

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