Rosicrucian Apothecary
Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross Medallion

Rosy Cross Pendant (chain included) is available for purchase. Member price is $60 with free shipping to U.S.
Non-member price is $75 plus $10 shipping to U.S.
Foreign orders, please inquire.

All pendants receive a special anointing and blessing.

To pay by mail, send order to: Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, P.O. Box 5, Owensboro, KY 42302 or pay using PayPal button below.

Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross Medallion
This piece is available only in .999 fine (pure) alchemical silver, 24 karat (pure) alchemical gold vermeil over .999 fine silver, and in different grades of solid gold.  Every piece individually produced according to a secret alchemical process.  Prices based upon current costs of gold and silver.  Please inquire.
The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross is a living branch of the original fraternity of German Pietist-Theosophists or true Rosicrucians; a brotherhood and sisterhood of Christ and the blessed Sophia of holy wisdom and mystical illumination; alchemists and adepts of hermetic knowledge, religious, and spiritual truth.

It is not the intention of the Brotherhood to in any way commercialize the Brotherhood or to make it into a business.  However, from time to time we offer a very few items of such rarity that they can be obtained nowhere else.  Such items are always of such nature that they are used in the Brotherhood's work.

We have one of the few (and possibly the only) genuine Rosicrucian apothecary and formulary in the world.

Some items are for sale only to Members of the Brotherhood and are indicated as such.  Other items are offered as a service to the public for the good of our fellow man.

The proceeds from the sale of all items go towards the good and benefit of the Brotherhood.

Apothecary & Formulary

If you need something, we can custom make a formula based on our master formulas just for you.  The most common forms are oils, incenses, balms, waters and herbals.  Members only, please.

Items of General Interest

We have no items to offer at this time.

A Note On Prices

"The evil of avarice must have no part in establishing prices, which should, therefore, always be a little lower than people outside the monastery are able to set,” so that in all things God may be glorified. " Rule of Benedict (57:7-9) and (1 Pet. 4:11)

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