Membership Application

To apply for Membership in The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, please complete the application to the right.

To cover the costs of processing the application, we request a minimum donation of $75.  Applications will be considered only if accompanied by the requested donation.

You may submit your donation online via PayPal with a check or credit card by clicking on the Donate button below.

Payment must be made in US dollars only.


The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross continues the teachings and traditions of the original Rosicrucian Brotherhood. It is a fraternity of the ancient mysteries, a hermetical brotherhood of wisdom and knowledge.


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Brotherhood of the R+C Membership Application

Please complete all fields, check for accuracy and click the Submit button. You may also print out this form, complete and return it via the mail.

How do you prefer to be contacted? (Check all boxes that apply)


What are your interests in joining? (Check all that apply)

If accepted as a Member, I agree to abide by the Rule of The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross and agree to keep confidential and secret all information pertaining to The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross and my membership in it, unless given permission in writing from the Brotherhood to do otherwise. I understand that all instructional material I am sent is on loan and remains the property of the Brotherhood. I swear by Almighty God and my word to use all knowledge and powers I gain by my membership only for purposes of good. I further affirm that all information submitted on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. So help me God.

I am sending my donation ($75 minimum) by:

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