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Posted by Frater Anselmo on Monday, November 29, 2010 Under: Membership
It seems as though I have been besieged as of late with numerous emails and letters from prospective members inquiring about application for membership.  We have received an overwhelming number of inquiries for which we simply were not prepared to deal with without losing the personal touch.  Frater Cyprian has written an important message addressing prospective new members of the Brotherhood, and inquirers after the Rosicrucian movement in general, and asked me to relay this information to you.  His message may be obtained by going to the News and Messages page. 

Simply put, The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross is and shall always remain a true brotherhood and never digress into just another mail-order membership club.  Becoming a Member never has and never will be easy.  Much is given and much is demanded.  There is a waiting list and if you are not prepared to wait for the genuine article, there are any number of fakes out there.  We are not haughty but we will not sacrifice quality for quantity, or sell out for money.

Thanks to everyone for being patient.  We are working as hard as we can to open up the Outer Order of the Brotherhood to a greater number of people.  But we will not involve you prematurely until the necessary preparations are made and tested for effectiveness.  No one has ever gotten into the real Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross without a period of waiting and preparation.  And there are many valid reasons for this, not the least of which is, are you truly dedicated to this path and prepared to accept the rigors of attaining the heights to which it leads?

As the commercial says, "Stay thirsty, my friends."

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