Pseudo-History Channel and the Founding Fathers

Posted by Frater Anselmo on Thursday, January 13, 2011 Under: Founding Fathers
I watched a show about the Secrets of the Founding Fathers on the Pseudo-History Channel last night and, well, they managed again to do an excellent job at stretching the limits of theory and conjecture (which I thought scientists were most adept at) and butchering any real history to the point that it becomes impossible to discern the truth from fiction.  And most of it coming from academics who should know better but realize that a good tale makes a better sell and helps to boost their own status for their "original" thinking. 

You would think that the Freemasons single-handedly forged this country, even though the percentage of Freemasons involved were no more than the number of Freemasons active in the 1950's.  I admit that I do believe that Freemasons may be behind all this conspiracy business because the publicity it has engendered has bolstered membership in a moribund fraternity with an aging and declining membership that seemed to be on their way out. 

And to claim that the Founding Fathers were always drunk or stoned because they grew hemp!  Yes, they did grow hemp for rope and other industrial uses but as anyone who knows anything about marijuana can tell you, you can't get high off the stuff.  You can smoke all the hemp you want and the only thing you'll get is a headache because it was bred for its fiber and not its THC content.  I'm sure the Founding Fathers enjoyed a drink every now and then but to make them out to be the debauched characters depicted on the show reflects only the bias of our own corrupt times.

There seems to have evolved a whole new entertainment industry around taking a bunch of unrelated facts and weaving them into a seemingly coherent story where circumstantial evidence has the full weight of "truth" and connections are made where only a paranoid schizophrenic could see any real relationship between the obviously unrelated.  This whole sordid business seems to have gotten its start with the publication of Pauwell and Bergier's "Morning of the Magicians" in 1960, gained steam with von Daniken's Ancient Astronauts books, but really took off with the publication of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" in 1982.  Brown's "Da Vinci Code," although promoted and acknowledged by the author as a work of fiction, was the icing on top of the whole rotten cake. 

While such efforts at pseudo-history were rarely taken seriously in the past or relegated to the junk bins of folklore and the ramblings of quacks, today millions line up for the latest drivel which is taken as gospel truth provided that it is testified to by anyone with enough letters behind their name.  I once had someone tell me that to believe that the universe was a self-created phenomenon without any divine design of a Creator behind it was tantamount to believing that one could throw into the air all the separate parts for an airplane and assume that they would all fall together perfectly and assemble themselves into a plane.  I agreed and thought ludicrous the idea that anyone could believe otherwise.  Now, however, I see a similar process at work.  Take any unrelated bits of facts, find the slightest bit of evidence to tie them together, throw the whole thing up into the air, toss in a little anti-christian bias for good measure and "Voila!" - sell a million books, motivate thousands on a crusade to uncover and proclaim the "suppressed truth" and create a whole new page in the alternate universes of history.  JFK was in cahoots with Adolf Hitler, from whom he stole the Ark of the Covenant and was himself killed because he knew its secrets and was opposed to the New World Order which had already anointed Nixon as the new Messiah but new evidence has come to light implicating my Aunt Dorothy as the trigger man hidden in the bushes on the grassy knoll because a photo has surfaced showing her near there on the fateful day, etc., etc.

I'm not saying that all this is bad if it inspires people to go on a voyage of discovery of their own.  But only if we seek the truth and don't accept lies for truth just because somebody else says so or it's more more fun to believe or feeds our own biased belief system.  It is said that the evil one is the father of lies and whether it's fiction presented as truth or the tyranny of thinking called political correctness, this world is in desperate need of those who seek truth above falsehoods and are not afraid to stand for it when they find it, whether it's convenient or not.

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