Rasputin and the Lost Book of Nostradamus

Posted by Frater Anselmo on Friday, December 24, 2010 Under: Nostradamus
I just watched "The Lost Book of Nostradamus" on the History International Channel last night.  This was the second or third time I'd seen this show.  On one of the images I saw a striking picture of what appears to be Rasputin.  One can even discern the Orthodox Christian cross carved into his forehead.  The figure is holding a book which may represent, among other things, judgment.  And certainly this prophet of doom foretold a terrible judgment upon Russia, which shortly came to pass.  Does anyone else see this?  Of all the many Nostradamus shows which have aired in recent years, it seems as though there hasn't been much, if any, reference to Rasputin, one of the most important religious figures of all time, especially in regards to his influence upon the course of world events, and a prophet for our own dark ages.  There has been a similar disregard for the prophecies of Nostradamus concerning the holocaust of Russia, which claimed 60-100 million lives at the hands of fanatical communists and a tyrannical government.  Surely Nostradamus in his Prophecies had something to say about more than Hitler and the Nazi regime, or the assassination of JFK.  Of course, one sometimes sees what one wants to see, like the fellow on the show who saw "clearly" in one of the illustrations a large metropolitan city (read New York) which to a lot of people looked like a few square buildings at best, or perhaps a bunch of cardboard boxes.  Here's the "Rasputin" picture - see what you think.


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