fountain of youth
The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross is a living branch of the original fraternity of German Pietist-Theosophists or true Rosicrucians; a brotherhood and sisterhood of Christ and the blessed Sophia of holy wisdom and mystical illumination; alchemists and adepts of hermetic knowledge, religious, and spiritual truth.
The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross teaches the alchemical transformation of the human body; its cleanness, health and purity, within which may be found the fabled Fountain of Youth.

While it is true that external substances and forces may be brought to bear upon this transformation, the human body, given the correct raw materials for transformation, has the ability to synthesize any material or substance needed for good health and physical longevity.

The aim of the adept, whether young or old, is to increase the span of life so as to obtain the many years necessary to the Great Work (Magnum Opus) of attaining illumination and spiritual immortality.

The human body can only use what it is able to circulate to the parts where it is most needed, whether nutrients or life force energies.  In The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, we teach many physical forms of "moving meditation" to facilitate the flow of energy and circulation, including tai chi, chi gong and other, more esoteric arts.
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