For those who are interested in the subject of time travel and engaged in experimentation in this area, we recommend as a starting point the use of old films and recordings as a "window" to astrally project through, in much the same manner as some use the tarot cards as "doorways" into other dimensions, for knowledge and wisdom. 

This practice helps one to temporarily disassociate oneself from the present time and immediate environment and identify more readily with the era and physical locality of the chosen subject, for observation and possible interaction. 

As in all such practices, caution should be duly observed, and results should be shared with fellow experimenters.

The oldest photographs in the world.

New York City, Herald Square, in 1896.

A drive around New York City in 1928 - from an old Harold Lloyd film.

A startling glimpse into the future - as seen from the 1920's.  Great inspiration for meditation prior to physical and mental projections into the future.

Come with us back to a more refined time for a night of entertainment, drinks and dancing at Ciro's.  It just might trigger a flashback memory of a previous lifetime.  Or try projecting INTO the scene for some real fun.

The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross continues the teachings and traditions of the original Rosicrucian Brotherhood. It is a fraternity of the ancient mysteries, a hermetical brotherhood of wisdom and knowledge. 

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